Food & Drink

The prettiest treats for your dollhouse residents.

miniature dolls house biscuit baking set

Biscuit & Baking Tray Set

miniature tarts, dollhouse tarts

Blackberry Tarts

modern dollhouse furniture, modern dollhouse DIY ideas, modern dollhouse interior, dollhouse DIY furniture

Bottle of Milk

miniature bottle, modern dollhouse kitchen, modern dollhouse furniture, Ikea dollhouse furniture

Bottle with pink text

miniature Easter doughnuts, mini bunny ear donuts

Bunny Ear Easter Doughnuts

miniature dollhouse carrot cakes

Carrot Cakes

miniature dollhouse champagne bottle


Dollhouse Christmas pudding, miniature pudding

Christmas Pudding


Christmas Tray

mini dollhouse coffin

Coffin Filled with Halloween Biscuits

$5.23 $7.47
milk crate, miniature crate, mini milk, dollhouse milk

Crate of Milk

mini dollhouse biscuit, dolls house cookie, miniature food

Cute Biscuit on a Plate

miniature Easter basket, mini Easter eggs

Easter Basket with Coloured Eggs


Easter Basket with Gold Eggs

mini santa plate, cookies and carrot, father christmas snack

Father Christmas Plate

miniature Halloween milkshake drink with bat

Green Bat Drink

$1.71 $2.45
miniature biscuits, mini cookies, dollhouse biscuits, dolls house cookies

Heart Cookies

miniature dollhouse drink

Heart Milkshake


Heart Shaped Eggs

mini heart shaped pancake, dollhouse pancakes, dolls house pancake

Heart Shaped Pancakes


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